Why Drisha Diaper ?

For those looking for a reliable diaper brand, which suits every budget, Drisha Diaper, India’s first pant style diaper is packed with revolutionary Japanese technology.


Drisha Diaper Mission

Our mission is to bring joy, happiness, inspiration and employment to all people all over India and Global market by providing our products to ensure you with best experience with us.


Drisha Diaper Vision

To become one of the most liable, respectable manufacturing company based on wet tissue, Sanitary Napkins, Baby Diaper and tissue paper and expand our business all over lndia and Global Market too.

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About Us

Nilkantheshwar Health & Hygiene Pvt. Ltd. is offering a retailor to join us for our products (Baby Diaper, Sanitary Napkin, Adult Diaper, Baby Wipes, Panty Liner etc.) we don’t want to make a dealer for our product because we want the give direct benefit to retailors. We are trying to maintain the quality as per consumer demands.

Our Product

Suddenly, and wonderfully, life is no longer just about you! There is a new person to love and nurture. An education to plan. And most importantly, a strong, healthy body and mind to build.

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Gel Magnets

The layer consists of Gel Magnets which are hydrophilic in nature.

Trickle lock

Trickle lock side cuffs ensure that the diaper does not have any leakages.

Absorbs Large

The core absorption pad of the diaper is large which ensures maximum dryness.